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5 Protein-Rich Super Foods List

5 Protein-Rich Super Foods List

Proteins are essential for a healthy body. Every cell in the body consists of protein. Protein rich foods are used in the repair works in the tissues and building process of the body. It is very important to add proteins to your regular diets and some of the 5 protein rich super foods lists are derived below.

  1. Oats

Oats are loaded with enormous fiber contents in it. And oats are grains which contain proteins too. It is estimated that half cup of oats contains 13 grams of protein content in it. Adding oats to your breakfast will be a better choice of starting a day with a good amount of protein and fibers.

  1. Eggs

Undoubtedly whole eggs are protein rich foods. The white part of the whole eggs contains better protein values in it. A single egg in the large size contains 6 grams of protein content in it. Add eggs daily to your diets for building strength through the protein contents.

  1. Milk


Milk is the high-quality protein containers. It is the best source of many nutrients in it or else it can be said as milk is the better package of goodness. Drinking a cup of milk gives you 8 grams of protein content in it.

  1. Lentils

While mentioning about the proteins we can’t miss the name of lentils in it. Lentils are one among the legume. It is the best protein based food for all human especially it derives great benefits for vegetarian people. Approximately a cup of boiled lentils may contain 18 grams of protein content in it. Adding lentils to your regular diets will help you to fulfill the protein requirements of the body.

  1. Chicken Breast

A delicious and tasty food is full of protein rich contents. Chicken breast is tender soft in nature and it will be easy to cook them. Children, adults and all age group may enjoy the tasty chicken breast with its added proteins in it.