Common Health Myths

Common Health Myths

Health myths are some peculiar facts which may be not known by most of us. These facts will be more useful in one’s life and which adds better understanding about the way to live a healthier life. Some of the common health myths are given below.

  1. Breakfast Is Must

The majority of the people will have this habit to skip their breakfast. Due to the busy schedule of the day, they will ignore the breakfast in order to save that time, but the real thing is when your miss your breakfast and then you will gain weight. People who skip their breakfast seem to consume a larger quantity of food in that day. So have your regular breakfast to weight loss.

  1. Plenty Of Water

Water content is more important in the body for its activeness. Researchers state that everyone should have 8 glasses of water day. It avoids dehydration and various problems which cause due to the insufficient water supply. Also, you can add water contents to your body through various fruits and vegetables.

  1. Eat Eggs


There is a wide talk about eggs that it is bad for your heart. But eggs are good for health and heart. It is recommended to have 1-2 eggs a day which will help you to gain its omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

Even though yolks in the egg have cholesterol but it won’t harm your healthy unless you consume more in that. It is one of proven common health myths.

  1. Multivitamins

Having multivitamin capsules won’t replace the vitamins requirement which has to be taken through the veggies and fruits. But be sure to follow your doctor’s advice in taking multivitamin capsules. And in the case of pregnant women, they should consume folic acid supplements according to your physician’s advice.

These are some of the interesting common health myths yet there are lots of health myth prevails.


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